Drew Binsky

• Video maker, travel blogger & content creator with more than 7.5 million social media followers & over 2.1 billion video views

Drew Binsky works as a full-time video maker, travel blogger and content creator with more than 10 million social media followers and over 5 billion video views. He has visited all of the world’s 197 countries, and is one of the youngest in history to ever do so.

After spending his entire childhood in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, Drew moved across the country to attend The University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he double majored in economics and entrepreneurship. During his junior year, he studied abroad in Prague, Czech Republic, which marked his very first trip overseas. He claims this was where he was bitten by the travel bug.

After Drew’s experience in Prague, he was inspired to make a career out of traveling the world. At 21 years old, he became an English teacher in a small village in South Korea which allowed him to earn an income while traveling. From the moment he stepped off the plane, he was instantly hooked on the foreign sights, smells, and feels of East Asia. This is when Drew started his first travel blog, called ‘The Hungry Partier’ where he documented his crazy travel experiences around the world.

From the early stages of blogging, Drew was determined to grow a global audience where he could share his travel stories and connect with people on every continent. He would spend 50+ hours per week writing blog posts, networking with other bloggers, and growing his social media presence. At that time, he had already visited 40 countries and made a goal to visit every country in the world.

After three years of hard work and patience, he grew his website to 150K+ monthly readers, and eventually evolved into a video maker after one of his first stories in North Korea gathered over 10 million views. It wasn’t long after traveling to distant places, such as Yemen, Somalia, and Afghanistan, that his short documentaries gained international attention. Now after 1,100 published videos across social media, Drew has no plans to stop creating.

Drew’s ultimate goal is to inspire the young generation to travel and step out of their comfort zones, because he is a strong advocate that travel is the best education one can get. He wants to teach people about the world and establish a strong community of like-minded travelers.

When Drew is not traveling, you can find him on a golf course, at a music festival, or spending time with his family and friends.

Speech topics

What I Learned From Visiting Every Country in the World

Drew explains the many life lessons that he's picked up from visiting all 197 countries in the world, mostly revolving around the beauty of humanity. Drew will make you realize how connected all 7.8 billion of us humans are, no matter your race, wealth, gender, ethnicity, beliefs or sexual orientation. Even in the most far away corners of the world, Drew has connected with others who have the same wants and needs as him and his stories will leave you feeling inspired.

The World is Safer Than You Think

After meeting eye-to-eye with tens of thousands of people from every corner of the globe, Drew will share why he strongly believes that 99.9% of people in our world are kind, friendly and welcoming. Unfortunately, it's the 0.1% that you hear about on the news that makes us all live in fear -- but we need to learn from hands-on experience, not perception from our peers.

Inspiring Travel Stories from a Man Who Has Visited Every Country

Drew believes that the best moments in life come from spontaneous experiences, and therefore he is an advocate for others to be spontaneous. His travel style is unique in which he randomly meets locals and relies on their kindness to guide him around their country. But you don't need to go to far away places like New Zealand, Namibia or Nicaragua to have these moments -- they can happen right in your backyard. In this presentation, Drew shares the specific life changing experiences that he's had around the world, and it will leave audience members feeling inspired.

Why You Should Travel More

As Drew says, travel is the best education that one can get. In fact, he learned more from his journeys than from any textbook throughout college. Drew shows us how traveling makes us wiser -- it teaches us about history, economics (how the world works) and how to respect other cultures. Traveling gives us empathy and makes us appreciate where we came from. The bottom line is that international travel makes you a better, more well-rounded person and Drew highly recommends everyone to do it -- even if it means exploring your next-door nation.

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