Gabrielle Hartley

Conflict Resolution Expert

Gabrielle is the author of The Secret to Getting Along (2023) and Better Apart: The Radically Positive Way to Separate. Through her 25 years of experience bringing people with polarized perspectives to agreement she will help your team and organization understand how to come together by using her easy to implement systems.

Gabrielle Hartley

Gabrielle Hartley, Esq., is a divorce attorney and mediator, and American Bar Association Mediation Committee Co-Chair. She is the author of The Secret to Getting Along: Three Steps to Life Changing Conflict Resolution (Sourcebooks, 2023) and Better Apart: The Radically Positive Way to Separate (Harper Wave, 2019), which received glowing reviews from Gwyneth Paltrow and People Magazine among others.

Exclusively represented by BrightSight Speakers, Gabrielle trains divorce professionals in the Better Apart Method Online. She maintains a private mediation practice and is of counsel to a premier NYC/Westchester litigation firm. Prior, she served as clerk to NYS matrimonial court judge where she resolved hundreds of high conflict divorces.

She is a sought after expert in the positive divorce space in media outlets such as The New York Times, The New York Post, U.S. News and World Report, has been interviewed on dozens of podcasts and is a regular guest on NBC Mass Appeal.  She is a frequent presenter delivering keynotes and workshops.  Gabrielle serves on many committees within the ABA Dispute Resolution Section including serving as Vice Chair of Membership Marketing,  co-chair of the ABA Mediation Access to Justice Week 2020, and co-chair of the DR Just Resolutions Mediation Edition.  She is also on the Western MA Mediation and Collaborative Dispute Resolution Steering Committee. 

Speech topics

Three Steps Creating Better Teams

All too often when our teams fall apart, we have no idea what went wrong. Instead of fixing the problems inherent in our systems rather than fixing what is broken, we tend to finger point and blame.  However when truly understanding the three keys necessary to create the best teams the impact can be game-changing.

With three simple keys you can make even your most dysfunctional functional and create the most supportive, healthy functional and prosperous team possible.  Gabrielle will show you how CLARITY, COMMUNICATION and COLLABORATION can powerfully transform your team's  experience, productivity and outcomes.  Clarity of mission or purpose can drive each and every team member to be more engaged and have a greater commitment.  Clarity of goals and roles helps everyone to understand the who, what, when, where, and how within the organization.  Communication is something we all know is important and Gabrielle will highlight the most often missed aspects that can foster the best, most supportive conversation channels for you and your team.  Finally, collaboration is the icing that brings everything together so that the team's operations are at the highest most functional level possible.  Gabrielle's talk is engaging, dynamic and will leave your audience with practical tools that they can immediately set into action.

How to transcend intractable conflict (for General Audience or for TEAMS) using the YES Method

Is your team mentally exhausted? No matter the exact scenario, most of us are familiar with how easily conflict can escalate.

There are many kinds of conflict from intrapersonal(inner conflict, when a person has to choose between diverging paths) and interpersonal(conflict with other people due to different goals, ideas, or styles)

Conflict isn’t ideal, but it’s not bad either. By skillfully dealing with conflict, we can end up getting better our teams results. It helps to push us towards the conversations we need to have.

Navigating conflict well is an opportunity to get better and improve ourselves and with each other.

The best part is learning to handle conflict is a skill that can be learned. 

Gabrielle will teach you her YES Method for creating better conflict resolution:

In her dynamic talk, Gabrielle will show you how managing conflict, even the most dramatic discord, is a dance.No matter how the conflict started, we each hold the power to choreograph a better, more functional middle and end of the dance.

She will show you the magic of creating space so that solutions can unfold where conflict stood previously. Creating space allows everyone to see the big picture. The more we peel back the layers, the closer we get to achieving our end goal as a cohesive group.

Gabrielle shows your audience how to let everyone feel heard, so that we can get to the best path forward.


Through storytelling and break out exercises Gabrielle will show you how you can get past and move beyond conflict, no matter how impossibly intractable it appears.  

All too often, we are vested in our positions, and stuck in having to be right.  By moving away from the WHAT we are asking for and leaning into WHY we need it, you can vastly improve  relationships and productivity at work and at home.

By taking a step back and starting to understand the emotional story or the WHY of the argument is the most transformative tool to move beyond positional conflict.


The Secret to Getting Along: Three Steps to Life Changing Conflict Resolution 

It is possible to get along better, with 3 simple steps for conflict resolution!  

Better Apart: The Radically Positive Way to Separate

“Potent, accessible tools for your family and your future.”

—Gwyneth Paltrow

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