• Google X's Cultural Alchemist, responsible for leading Culture for Alphabet’s Moonshot Factory

• Bestselling author of 'Practical Genius'

As X’s first woman of color Director and Cultural Alchemist, Gina Rudan is responsible for leading Culture and transformation for Alphabet’s Moonshot Factory. Gina was also the head of Diversity at X for 5 years. Prior to joining X, Gina was a Senior Diversity Manager at Google, where she led innovative diversity programs including designing Google's first Immerse Virtual Reality educational series exploring racial identity. Before Google, she founded her own leadership development training practice, Genuine Insights Inc working with Fortune 500 companies on unlocking potential in young talent. She is the best selling author of Practical Genius, and currently studying world religions in divinity school and will graduate as a Interfaith Minister in 2022.

In 2016 she was an Aspen Fellow and also served on the Generation Listen Advisory Board for National Public Radio. In 2015, she was appointed to be the Chief Inspiration Officer for the Entrepreneurial Barbie by Mattel Inc. and in 2014 the National Association of Women’s Business Owners awarded her with their Hall of Fame award.

Gina has a BA in English Literature from Binghamton University and is a National Urban Fellow holding a MPA from Baruch College. She lives in Redwood Shores with her son and is a happy vegetarian.

Speech topics

Courage and Creativity: Reflections from a Practical Genius

How do you build a culture that supports radical creativity and outlandish ideas that just might work? Or create an environment that helps people realize their highest potential — and shed their fear of failure? Gina Rudan, Cultural Alchemist at X, Alphabet’s Moonshot Factory, shares how courage and creativity nurture the diversity and culture we need to unlock our inner moonshot-takers.

This talks explores the most important lessons when it comes to unlocking genius while sustaining purpose in work: courage and creativity. Courage is what’s needed to overcome what holds all humans back: fear and creativity is the best vehicle for sustaining purpose and resiliency.

This interactive talk has been designed with the intention and purpose of:

• Inspiring audiences to discover strategies and approaches to move beyond limiting beliefs for both individuals and organizations

• Introducing a whole new paradigm of creativity

• Equipping audiences with a blueprint for innovation

• Sharing best practices in unlocking an organization’s cultural potential

Gina delivers the message by combining the best of practices and techniques born from her 20 year experience as a successful impact leader within the tech industry as well as her experience as a executive coach, entrepreneur and author. The talk is high energy with an experiential format, designed to support participants in experiencing real and actionable personal and professional transformation.


Practical Genius: A 5-Step Plan to Turn Your Talent and Passion into Success

Everyone’s got genius, but it’s up to you to find it, put it to work, and watch it change your life. This book will show you how.

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