Jakob Nielsen is a visionary in the field of user experience. He has revolutionized the way we design and interact with digital interfaces, helping countless businesses enhance their customer engagement and boost their bottom line. As a keynote speaker, Nielsen brings his wealth of knowledge to inspire audiences, equipping them with invaluable insights and strategies to create intuitive and user-friendly experiences that drive success in today's digital landscape.

Jakob Nielsen, Ph.D., is a usability pioneer with 40 years experience in UX. He founded the discount usability movement for fast and cheap iterative design, including heuristic evaluation and the 10 usability heuristics. He formulated the eponymous Jakob’s Law of the Internet User Experience. Named “the king of usability” by Internet Magazine, “the guru of Web page usability" by The New York Times, and “the next best thing to a true time machine” by USA Today. Prior to starting NN/g, Dr. Nielsen was a Sun Microsystems Distinguished Engineer and a Member of Research Staff at Bell Communications Research, the branch of Bell Labs owned by the Regional Bell Operating Companies. He is the author of 8 books, including Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity, Usability Engineering, and Multimedia and Hypertext: The Internet and Beyond. Dr. Nielsen holds 79 United States patents, mainly on making the Internet easier to use. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award for Human–Computer Interaction Practice from ACM SIGCHI.

Speech topics

10 Foundational UX Insights

UX has come a long way since its early beginnings at Bell Labs in the 1940s. However, many of the most fundamental insights that continue to shape the field were first discovered long ago. This talk analyses the 10 most important insights that combine to weave the very fabric of the field: where did they come from, why are they still important, and most of all, what have we forgotten that must be revived to fulfill the full potential of user-experience work. As a bonus, we’ll look at an 11th insight that currently doesn’t rise to the foundational level but has the potential to become one of the most important influences on future UX design, given current advances in AI.

UX: What Why How (and Who When Where)

Brand is experience in the digital world. But while any design will have a user experience, only proper methodology will guarantee a good user experience that will grow the business value of your design. Proper risk management for design projects requires a quality assurance mindset. Luckily, the world has 80 years of experience with how to do it right. Good UX methodology stops airplanes from falling out of the sky and can save your business too.


Is AI hype or the next user interface paradigm? It is both, and the trick is to realize what elements of AI fall into either category. This talk covers two very different sides of AI: designing an AI-enabled user interface for high usability and utilizing AI within the user-experience profession.

UX: Past, Present, Future

The user experience field has a storied past, and knowing where we came from is valuable for understanding where we are and appreciating the big picture instead of being overwhelmed by this quarter’s events and fads. One lesson from the past is indeed that: UX is plagued by trends that are detrimental to usability, to design project execution, and to your bottom line. There will be another fad next year, and you need to know how to assess whether to follow or reject it. The future of UX is bright, both as a career and in terms of our ability to better serve users worldwide.

UX Fireside Chat with Jakob Nielsen

Your questions answered! This session employs a casual conversation format where Jakob discusses the questions the audience is interested in hearing about.

This session can be for any audience because the content is driven by audience questions and is adjusted on the fly depending on audience members’ level of interest and understanding of each topic.


Designing Web Usability

Users experience the usability of a web site before they have committed to using it and before making any purchase decisions. The web is the ultimate environment for empowerment, and he or she who clicks the mouse decides everything.This is the definitive guide to usability from Jakob Nielsen, the world's leading authority.

Multimedia and Hypertext: The Internet and Beyond

Jakob Nielsen takes hypertext a step further: to the Internet. This book explores new and developing applications in multimedia and hypertext as well as offering coverage of the use of HTML (hypertext markup language).

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