Megan Bendtzen

Speaker, Motivator and “Fun Specialist”

Megan Bendtzen

Speaker, Motivator and “Fun Specialist” Megan Bendtzen has spent over 25 years in Corporate America before walking away to give new life to the world she left. Her mission is to bring fun and laughter to the workplace so that employees are more productive, motivated and happier. Combined with her passion and keen ability to engage even the toughest crowd, she has created unique and memorable tools and experiences for people to elevate their lives & work.

Megan has studied Leadership, Communication, Engagement, Personal Growth and Relationships for over 18 years. She has worked with thousands of people and delivered hundreds of impactful seminars on these and related topics to companies such as Merck, Marriott, Best Western, VCA Hospitals and others.

She has been featured on Fox, NBC, The List TV Show, iHeart Radio, The Unstoppable Female Entrepreneur Summit and many other media outlets and podcasts sharing her out-of-the-box ideas and fun tips.

Megan recently relocated to Boise, Idaho after 25 collective years in Southern California and got her degree from the University of Oregon, where she lived for 18 years. Go Ducks!

Speech topics

It Actually IS All Fun and Games …The Secret to Increasing Profits, Positivity and Productivity

Available Formats: Keynote, Breakout, Digital Keynote, Virtual Training, Coaching/Consulting, GameShow, Team-Building (45 mins-90 mins)

Most people wake up and dread going to work. A whopping 80-85% are disengaged or want to quit!

While organizations struggle to keep their workforce motivated day to day, American workers are checked out, burnt out and leaving their jobs in droves.

Yet at the same time, certain companies are experiencing explosive growth with happy, ambitious employees.

What are they doing differently?

The secret to solving burnout and retention issues is not based on the work we do, but the actual environment in which we do it.

The real way to get serious results is to get serious about fun in the workplace!

In this clever and engaging presentation, participants will…

  • Discover the single biggest lie regarding happiness and what to do about it.

  • Learn how to eliminate workplace woes and instead create enthusiasm and energy.

  • Avoid the most common mistake people make regarding “work/life balance” when we expose the truth about it.

As a former Fortune 100 corporate leader who experienced first-hand the stresses and pressures of Corporate America, Megan provides motivation, inspiration and simple, actionable, real-life strategies that are memorable and fun yet powerfully effective for boosting productivity, positivity, and profitability in any organization.

Her profound insights on leadership, commitment and accountability inspire audiences to risk new levels of resilience and achievement... in a FUN way.

“This isn’t about being childish and not taking work seriously. It’s about being in a happy mental state so you can give your business your best. It’s not about ignoring problems, but changing the way we handle them.”

The data doesn’t lie.

Disengaged, burnt out employees…

  • Cost US companies over $550 billion dollars each year.

  • Spend a fraction of their paid time actually working.

  • Take less responsibility and ownership of their attitude, behavior, and motivation, and drain overall productivity.

  • Have trouble focusing, completing tasks.

  • Waste their time and their talent.

  • Express mistrust, undermine the work of others, create and spread drama and negativity, like poison in a stream.

  • Call in sick/are absent more often.

  • Typically don’t care about the company mission, goals, and objectives.

Engaged, happy employees…

  • Increase overall profitability.

  • Maximize their time and multiply their effort.

  • Take more accountability and acknowledge mistakes without becoming angry or defensive.

  • Are more productive and focus with more clarity on tasks.

  • Create enthusiasm and energy and show up every day with passion, purpose, and presence.

  • Feel happier and more fulfilled; empowered to perform their best work.

  • Are less stressed, healthier, and absent less often.

  • Are more likely to remain loyal and become ambassadors for the company.


  • After this program, attendees will be able to:

  • Learn the secrets of staying engaged, motivated and happy.

  • Increase profits, productivity, and performance.

  • Turn their problems into their passions / their troubles into triumphs.

  • Apply a simple method that will decrease stress levels by 23%.

  • Learn to use FUN as a professional tool to strengthen relationships, close deals, create engagement, get people bought in and taking action.

Play to Win – The Simple 2-Part Formula for Game-Changing Results

Available Formats: Hands-on Team Building, Breakout Session, Half-day/Full-Day

If you are an organization of high-performing individuals in high-demand roles, this will be one of the most profound experiences to be had as a team and as a professional.

As leaders in your trade, “work-mode” is automatic, and your team is always ON.

Sometimes we find ourselves so entrenched in our work we don’t even realize the ways we have shut ourselves down in order to do our jobs well; and therefore, aren’t even operating on all cylinders.

Imagine the impact if your team can reconnect to their own purpose, come off autopilot and unleash their full potential.

This program will take participants on an eye-opening journey that is not only entertaining and engaging but transformative and deeply moving.

As one CEO put it, “After 48 years in this business, this is the most impactful thing I’ve ever experienced.”

Megan’s legendary “Play to Win” approach will have participants first competing in a fun and hilarious timed race completely customized and tailored to your specific business. Teams will work together to play outrageous games never experienced quite like this and be surprised at how the results connect to their daily lives and work.

Then the group will be led through a series of interactive exercises that will build to an awe-inspiring and mind-blowing finish. One participant said it was the proudest moment of his entire career.


After this program, attendees will:

  • Feel happier and more fulfilled; empowered to contribute at a higher level without sacrificing their own wellbeing.

  • Discover the secret ingredients to their success and receive their own personalized “Prescription for Happiness”

  • Understand how to give and receive appreciation that lands and inspires a heightened desire to be a better human.

  • Realize the unbelievable and unexpected power of their own personal impact and receive the tools to harness again and again.

  • Be motivated and compelled to foster better connection with their team and with clients and to consistently deliver their highest quality work.

A minimum of 2.5 hours is required for this uniquely memorable and highly personalized session.

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