• Senior fellow at the Brookings Institution

• Author of 'Dream Hoarders'

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Richard V. Reeves is a senior fellow in Economic Studies, where he holds the John C. and Nancy D. Whitehead Chair. Richard is Director of the Future of the Middle Class Initiative and co-director of the Center on Children and Families.

A former European Business Speaker of the Year, Richard speaks on a range of issues including economic inequality, the future of the middle class, respect and relationships, and men and masculinity. In September 2017, Politico magazine named Richard one of the top 50 thinkers in the U.S.

Richard writes for a wide range of publications, including the Atlantic, National Affairs, Democracy Journal, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. He is the author of Dream Hoarders (Brookings Press, 2017), and John Stuart Mill – Victorian Firebrand, an intellectual biography of the British liberal philosopher and politician.

A Brit-American, Richard was director of strategy to the UK’s Deputy Prime Minister from 2010 to 2012. Other previous roles include director of Demos, the London-based political think-tank; social affairs editor of the Observer; principal policy adviser to the Minister for Welfare Reform, and research fellow at the Institute for Public Policy Research. He is also a former European Business Speaker of the Year. Richard has a BA from Oxford University and a PhD from Warwick University.

Speech topics

Look Me in the Eye: Building a Culture of Respect

Healthy communities run on respect. Respect is the glue holding together organizations, neighborhoods, and whole societies. That is the bold claim of Richard Reeves. Equality of respect is the foundation for all other kinds of equality. How do we know when we have it? "In a society of equal respect," Reeves says, "we can look each other squarely in the eye." In this wide-ranging, passionate talk, Reeves describes how respect gaps open up, and how to close them.

Save the Middle Class, Save the World

The fate of the middle class is the fate of us all, argues Reeves. Drawing on the latest research on economic and social trends, he shows how the middle class is hurting, how that hurt turns to anger and disillusionment, which threatens progress. As Director of the new Future of the Middle Class Initiative at the Brookings Institution, Reeves brings a fresh, birds eye view of the state of and prospects for the middle class.


Dream Hoarders: How the American Upper Middle Class Is Leaving Everyone Else in the Dust, Why That Is a Problem, and What to Do About It

This fascinating book shows how American society has become the very class-defined society that earlier Americans rebelled against—and what can be done to restore a more equitable society.

John Stuart Mill: Victorian Firebrand

The definitive life of John Stuart Mill, one of the heroic giants of Victorian England.

All Minus One: John Stuart Mill’s Ideas on Free Speech Illustrated

Reeves (a biographer of Mill) and Haidt (a social psychologist) summarize Mill's three timeless arguments for free speech and the value of viewpoint diversity


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