Ron Renee Roley

• Senior Event Manager for Global Events at Nike

• Champion for trans workers' rights


Ron Renee Roley is a Senior Event Manager for Global Events at Nike and a board member for the LGBT Meeting Professionals Association focusing on diversity, creating environments of acceptance, gender expression in the workplace, and more. As a champion for trans workers’ rights, gender neutral bathrooms, safe travel for trans employees, they will share personal experiences and advise attendees on how to develop an understanding of gender expression.

After graduation at Portland State University, Ron accepted a position with the Portland Art Museum, where they created a community-based research project for students as part of the department's research methods class.

Previously, they had a 14-year-career in bicycle racing: competing with the US National Team in races across Europe and riding with a small professional racing team in Belgium and France for eight years, giving them an opportunity to travel extensively.

[📁 Ron's Press Kit]

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Speech topics

Gender Authenticity in the Workplace

Why creating a work environment that allows for gender diversity creates innovative thinking, and increased work satisfaction.

Gender Fluidity in the Real World

Listen to personal storytelling about gender fluidity, and how one person can support significant change through authenticity and vulnerability. Get a sneak peek on how a Lava Lamp has become a key inspiration into a shoe design to reflect gender fluidity. Come ready to engage in interactive discussions on “what does if feel like to you to belong” either in work or in community, and “I can support a culture of belonging by…” Hear about allyship, opportunities to offer support to your gender fluid loved ones, and what activism means to the presenter.

Shifting Gender Environment / Gender Fluidity and Retail

Growing awareness and visibility surrounding transgender issues in recent years may make teenagers more comfortable with steering away from traditional gender labels, experts say. How will this affect the future of retail, and online shopping, as more consumers are looking for more diversity in product and shopping experience.