Sandy Abrams

Wellness Expert on the Power of Breath

• Successful Entrepreneur

Sandy Abrams is a longtime entrepreneur now focused on Workplace Wellness and shares her 30 years of experience utilizing the power of breath & mindfulness in business and life. She is Co-Chair of the Global Wellness Institute's BREATHE Initiative, launched August 2021. Her business sensibility about "breath as meditation at the speed of life" resonates with the fast pace of today's on-demand business lifestyle.Sandy has shared her empowering Breathe to Succeed experiences with several Google offices, WW (formerly Weight Watchers) HQ, Universal Music, Facebook HQ, McKinsey & Co., Women Presidents Org., Sage software, YPO, Pepsi, Canyon Ranch resorts, and many entrepreneurial groups, conferences, leadership retreats and was slated to speak at SXSW 2020. Sandy is on a mission to empower people to create their optimal energy for wellness and deep, mindful breath at a time.

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Let’s BREATHE Better Together!

Get to Know the Power of Your BREATH for Wellbeing, Mental Health & Success

The way you breathe directly and immediately affects your mindset & energy. Breath is an underutilized tool for overall health, immunity, posture, sleep, happiness, productivity and more. You have the power to override your autonomic nervous system and create the specific energy needed in any given moment. We’ll cover the basic science behind why strategic breath tools make you feel a certain way; balanced, calm, energized, confident, optimistic... You’ll EXPERIENCE a variety of Breathwork tools that you’ll be able to easily integrate into your daily life from that moment forward. Get to know your BREATH--the superpower within us all; it’s free and always accessible 24/7/365. *Bonus: This sensory experience will have you feeling calm, grounded & empowered!


  • Elevate Creativity

  • Mindful Leadership

  • Pivoting Career or Life Phase

  • Productivity

  • Self-Awareness/Personal Development

  • Be Kind to Yourself; Breath as Self-Care


Breathe To Succeed: Increase Workplace Productivity, Creativity, and Clarity through the Power of Mindfulness

With Abrams's fast, simple, and effective breathing techniques, you'll become more mindful and engaged and experience better moods, a calmer perspective, and positive energy that will translate to next-level productivity, creativity, and clarity.

Endorsed by Arianna Huffington, Mark Bertolini (former CEO Aetna/now Chairman of CVS Health, Executives at Google, SAP, Sage software and the U.S. Air Force.

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