Susan Del Percio

• Political commentator & expert on strategic communications

Susan Del Percio is a nationally recognized crisis communication expert, public affairs strategist and speaker. She is a political analyst for MSNBC and was a credited consultant for the award-winning HBO show, The Newsroom.

A proven strategic communications professional, Susan applies her expertise in developing and executing purposeful campaigns for corporate, public affairs, non-profit and political clients. Her unique insights on government management, regulatory entities and public policy in the media is highly sought after, but it is her passion for problem solving that sets her apart.

Susan served as Special Advisor to Governor Andrew Cuomo (2014-2015) and as a Deputy Commissioner in the Giuliani Administration (1995-2001) prior to founding her own firm in 2001. Born and raised in Northeast politics, she received both her Bachelor and Master's degrees from Emerson College.

Speech topics

Politicking Politics in Everyday Conversations

It seems like no matter where you go or who you meet the subject of politics comes up – and when it does, how you chose to respond may have real consequences. In this engaging and important talk, Susan Del Percio, political analyst for MSNBC, unravels how to have a conversation about politics without worrying about how someone may react and judge you.

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