From being homeless, eating food out of trash cans on the streets of London, to becoming a global artist, Alex's infectious and authentic charisma regularly garners standing ovations, leaving people wanting more! Boyé uses his life experiences to instill lessons on tenacity, self-worth and resilience, helping those who have lost hope to re-discover their greatness.

America's Got Talent Alumni Alex Boyé (pronounced Boy-yay) is truly a multicultural and multigenerational global artist. He has been featured on Jimmy Fallon, Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, Jimmy Kimmel and more and has performed at Carnegie Hall 8 times. He has championed many important causes, received the Didi Hirsh “Erasing the Stigma Award” for his work on mental health initiatives, and is an official ambassador for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Alex Boyé regularly garners standing ovations for his candid, engaging and charismatic delivery. His rare breed of keynote blends singing and speaking with authentic humor thrown in for good measure – a presentation that can be described as “Coachella meets a TED talk”!

Speech Topics

You Are a 10!

Our mind is always eavesdropping on our self-talk, and our self-talk is the steering wheel to either failure or massive success, which is actually a choice. This is one of Alex's most requested presentations that talks about what Alex calls "mental amnesia" and why it is important to break the worry habit. Worry is simply a destructive mental habit that we were not born with. In a study made of one hundred and seventy American executives of the average age of 40 years, it was discovered that one half had high blood pressure, heart disease, high anxiety and stomach ulcers. It was recorded in every case that worry was a dominant factor in those executives. This presentation demonstrates in a fun, energetic and entertaining way, how to defeat the plague of worry and replace it with peace of mind, improved health, happiness and well-being.

Change Your Words, Change Your Life 

Good mental health is just as important as good physical health. You are what you feed your mind. Science shows that you can tell how the life of a person will turn out just by listening to them speak for 10 minutes and hearing the words they use to describe their life. Through song & motivational words, Alex shares in his unique and enigmatic style, highly entertaining, comedic and heart wrenching personal stories about powerful life lessons he learned during his homeless days, eating food out of trash cans. One of the things he learned with respect to well-being, is that you can't fill your mind with mental trash and expect roses to come out.  Alex gives tips and actionable ways to help people change their inner conversations about themselves. 

Show Me Your I.D! Show Me Your I.D! 

If you don't know who you are, then nobody else will. With personal stories and enthusiastic style, Alex shares things he has implemented in his life that healed him from past trauma, and what he has learned can help individuals “SUPERSIZE” and maintain their identity and self-belief. By using tried-and-tested, actionable mind treatments, we can unlearn negative mental traits that may have been holding us back from success.


You Are a 10

Learn more about Alex's new book (2023) here.

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With every musical visual image you'll see on Alex Boyé's YouTube Channel, you'll see that he puts everything and more into delivering powerful musical content. Many of his videos have over 10's of millions of views.

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