With an extensive background in the development and application of AI technologies, Dr. Lawrence has spent years at the forefront of the field, making him the perfect guide to the limitless possibilities of AI.

Alex Lawrence

Dr. Alex Lawrence is a nationally recognized authority on ChatGPT and AI and Associate Professor at Weber State University. Featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal and on CNN Live, among numerous other television appearances and print publications, Dr. Lawrence is a highly sought-after guest and speaker with outstanding reviews and repeat engagements. Known for his eloquent, fun and energetic speaking style and deep expertise in the industry, he provides practical, bleeding-edge tools and insights for every audience. Dr. Lawrence is also a successful serial entrepreneur, having founded and led tech companies across various sectors. As a co-founder and owner of the nation's leading used electric vehicle dealership, they sell popular EV brands like Tesla and Rivian. Dr. Lawrence's unique blend of practical business acumen, along with his academic and research perspective on AI and ChatGPT, makes him one of the most well respected and memorable authorities on these subjects.

Speech topics

AI and ChatGPT: Unveiling the Modern Tech Landscape

Dr. Lawrence traces the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, leading to the emergence of ChatGPT. He discusses the recent advancements and applications in AI, shedding light on the transformational impact within various industries. With a focus on current trends and a glimpse into the future, this presentation offers a concrete understanding of the ongoing tech revolution and its implications for different sectors.

AI: Disruptor or Enabler? A Closer Look at Our Future Workforce

The narrative around AI often swings between fear of job displacement and the excitement of new possibilities. Dr. Lawrence goes into detail on these topics, evaluating the real impact of AI on different industries and professions. By exploring specific scenarios relevant to the audience's field of work, he provides a balanced perspective on how AI could reshape the job market, while highlighting the opportunities for learning, growth, and innovation.

AI and ChatGPT: The Talking Machine Revolution

Dr. Lawrence dives into the realm of conversational AI with a comprehensive exploration of ChatGPT and all the other latest and greatest tools that are turning machines into conversationalists and artists. Discover how businesses are leveraging this technology to transform customer engagement and internal communications.

Beyond Siri: The Future of AI Conversations

Dr. Lawrence explores the transition from basic voice assistants to highly intelligent conversation agents like ChatGPT that can build text, photos, videos and more. Learn how the evolution of AI is powering a new era of digital interactions, making technology more human-centric and intuitive.

Decoding AI: The Mysteries of ChatGPT Unveiled

Dr. Lawrence breaks down the complexities of AI and ChatGPT in a layman-friendly manner, unveiling the mechanics behind conversational and artistic machines. Discover how this understanding can empower businesses and individuals to harness the full potential of AI technologies.

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