Unlock the transformative power of Alton Fitzgerald White, the Broadway legend who captivated audiences in over 4,000 performances as Mufasa in Disney's "The Lion King." With his unique blend of entertainment and education, Alton delivers motivational talks that ignite inspiration, foster authentic leadership, and empower individuals to overcome adversity.

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BRoadway Veteran of Six Broadway shows

Alton Fitzgerald White, the unparalleled star who captivated audiences with a staggering 4,308 performances as the majestic King Mufasa in Disney's iconic production, The Lion King on Broadway, has now embraced the roles of author and sought-after keynote speaker, adding even more prestige to his already impressive repertoire. His book, "My Pride: Mastering The Challenge Of Daily Performance," an awe-inspiring biography published by Disney Editions, has taken the literary world by storm, earning nominations for numerous prestigious national book awards. This remarkable tale offers profound insights and invaluable secrets to finding fulfillment and joy in both work and life.

Beyond his triumphant reign as King Mufasa, Alton has graced the Broadway stage in a multitude of leading roles, including Mister in The Color Purple, Coalhouse Walker Jr. in Ragtime, Ken in Smokey Joe's Cafe, John in Miss Saigon, and The Hawker in The Who's Tommy. His extraordinary talents have also shone across the Atlantic, as he made his West End debut as Ken in Smokey Joe's Cafe in London, leaving an indelible mark on the international theater scene.

Alton's magnetic presence has mesmerized audiences worldwide, as he has performed in concerts alongside illustrious orchestras such as THE BBC ORCHESTRA at the legendary ROYAL ALBERT HALL in London, THE BOSTON POPS, TANGLEWOOD, THE ATLANTA SYMPHONY, WOLFTRAP, and THE CINCINNATI POPS, to name just a few. These enchanting performances often featured the timeless melodies from his best-selling album, "Disney My Way!," where he skillfully reimagined beloved Disney Broadway classics.

Not limited to the stage, Alton has also graced the silver screen, sharing scenes with Academy Award winners Nicole Kidman and Marcia Gay Harden, as well as acclaimed actor Sam Elliott. His exceptional talent was showcased in the Pulitzer Prize-winning and Emmy Award-winning RENT LIVE, a spectacular television event that captivated viewers on FOX.

In addition to his theatrical and cinematic accomplishments, Alton has made notable appearances on popular television series, including guest star roles on hits such as LAW AND ORDER, THE BLACKLIST, THE GOOD FIGHT, LAW AND ORDER: SVU, MADAM SECRETARY, ELEMENTARY, MIND HUNTER, CODE BLACK, and FBI. He has earned a recurring role on the critically acclaimed series BULL as Judge Tahani. Alton's captivating performances continue to flourish in the television landscape, as he is set to appear in the highly anticipated new season of DEXTER, as well as feature prominently in the forthcoming shows LET THE RIGHT ONE IN for SHOWTIME and DEAR EDWARD for APPLE TV. Furthermore, audiences can look forward to witnessing Alton's undeniable talent in the much-awaited 2023 Summer Blockbuster, INDIANA JONES 5.

Beyond his artistic pursuits, Alton has also showcased his literary prowess through his thought-provoking writings. Notably, his detailed and deeply personal account of racial profiling, titled "RAGTIME MY TIME," was featured as a cover story in THE NATION MAGAZINE. The impact of this article has reverberated globally, as it has been published in numerous renowned publications and included in countless college textbooks, where it is studied for its profound content and exceptional structure.

Moreover, Alton's influential TEDx Talk, "Redefining Service To Dream The Impossible Dream," has resonated with audiences far and wide, offering a powerful message that continues to inspire individuals to reach for their dreams and redefine their purpose in life.

With each endeavor he undertakes, Alton Fitzgerald White shines as a beacon of talent, creativity, and inspiration, captivating audiences on stage everywhere.

Speech Topics

My Pride (Broadway's Record-Breaking Lion King): Mastering Life's Daily Performance 

A major key to achieving and maintaining success in whatever you pursue is ensuring that your passions and your purpose are aligned. Through song and the vast wisdom he's gained pursuing and starring in 6 Smash Hit Broadway Shows including his record-breaking run as King Mufasa in Disney's THE LION KING, Alton shares his enlightenment and the vital ingredients for sustaining consistent peak performance and success.


From his life experience, White has learned the secret of tapping his inner resources to meet the challenge of routine and repetition in work and relationships.

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