Barbara Ley Toffler is the author of Final Accounting: Ambition, Greed, and the Fall of Arthur Andersen, described as “a fascinating insider exposé” that “may be the most important analysis coming out of the corporate disasters of 2001 and 2002.” She is currently Executive Director for the Nursing Education Collaborative for Haiti.

Barbara, a former Harvard Business School professor with a Ph.D. from Yale, was brought in to Arthur Andersen as a partner to develop consulting services in Ethics and Responsible Business Practices. She left Andersen four years later, because of many of the concerns that are now common knowledge.

Barbara has been prominent in the field of business ethics since the early 80’s. Her book, Tough Choices: Managers Talk Ethics, published in 1986, was one of the first books to explore the experience of managers and business leaders as they grapple with the ethical challenges of a rapidly changing global economy.

Barbara is considered one of the nation’s leading experts on management ethics. She is frequently quoted in numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and BusinessWeek magazine. Her recent television appearances include “The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer,” a profile on PBS’ “Religion and Ethics Weekly,” CBS’ “MarketWatch,” CNNfn’s “Market Call,” WB11’s, “News Close-Up,” and CNBC’s “The Dick Cavett Show.” She has been a guest on several public radio programs including “Fresh Air” and “Marketplace."

Speech topics

Leading the Professional Services Firm

In the past few years, law firms, accounting firms, investment companies, mutual funds, and insurance companies have come under intense scrutiny by regulators, the media and the public. Building on lessons learned from the fall of Arthur Andersen, Dr. Toffler guides leaders and members of PSFs in the ways to shape the culture of the firm to build and enhance its reputation and restore respect to the service professions. 

The Danger of Success: How to Avoid it and Keep on Winning!

Think about some of the companies that have run into legal and ethical difficulty: Exxon and the Valdez, Sears and its auto centers, AIG and, of course, Arthur Andersen - all great American companies. Dr. Toffler talks about the pitfalls facing the successful organization - and how leaders and managers can assure that their companies don't fall into them. 

Tough Choices 

Going beyond a standard lecture, Dr. Toffler will create various scenarios that reflect real life issues facing your audience and use a combination of role-play, facilitation and audience interaction to show the root causes and potential outcomes from the dilemmas facing today's managers. 


Final Accounting: Ambition, Greed and the Fall of Arthur Andersen 

A withering exposé of the unethical practices that triggered the indictment and collapse of the legendary accounting firm.

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