Gibson offers a unique and global perspective on leadership, teamwork, and resilience. His experiences transcend borders, making his insights universally applicable and relatable to a diverse audience.

Dr. Hise Gibson, a retired Colonel with 25 years of distinguished service in the United States Army and a thriving academic career, is a sought-after expert in strategy development, crisis management, agile implementation, and inclusive leadership.

During his military service, Dr. Gibson received the Bronze Star medal for his exceptional leadership in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a UH-60 Blackhawk Commander in Iraq, he demonstrated operational prowess, later contributing significantly to Medical Evacuation Support in Afghanistan and overseeing the development of an airbase for the country's helicopter training school. Commanding positions in the 82nd Airborne Division and achieving master-aviator status in the UH-60 Blackhawk further showcase his leadership.

Beyond the military, Dr. Gibson's journey led him to become a fellow at MIT Lincoln Laboratory and a Visiting Scholar at the Harvard Business School. Currently a Professor at the Harvard Business School, he imparts knowledge globally through case studies on operational leadership, emphasizing the integration of people, processes, and technology.

Dr. Gibson's expertise encompasses Technology and Operations Management, Inclusion, Crisis Leadership, and Cybersecurity. His unique blend of academic acumen and deep leadership experience highlights his versatility and commitment to inclusive leadership across diverse domains.

Speech topics

T-Shaped Leadership

Every corporation needs to have T-shaped leadership, which consists of individuals who are able to transfer information across the organization while maintaining their focus on their departments. Join Dr. Gibson as he dissects the subtleties of Big-T Leaders (BTLs) and Little-T Leaders (LTLs), as well as the ways in which businesses can foster and optimize this talent in order to establish a firm that is constantly innovating and expanding.

Read more at Harvard Business School: "Every Company Should Have These Leaders—or Develop Them if They Don't"

Creating Organizational Alignment with “Mission Command”

Creating alignment while an organization is undergoing transformation is always a tough endeavor. During his presentation on this subject, Dr. Gibson explains how the philosophy of Mission Command, which is utilized by the United States Military, can be utilized by organizations of any size to create vertical and horizontal alignment while scaling. Mission Command is defined as the execution of decen

Crisis Leadership

What aspects of the culture of my organization are responsible for the high levels of mental stress and burnout that my employees experience? Who would you recommend as a good example for women of color who are trying to become successful in a field that is dominated by men? Moreover, what actions would Deion Sanders take? When it comes to crisis leadership, Dr. Gibson is able to provide accurate responses to all of these queries. Dr. Gibson has cooperated with notable CEOs and sports icons who are prepared to share their stories of crises so that others can benefit from them. In addition, he has developed a five-step plan for leaders who are ready to tackle staff burnout.

Military Diversity and Leadership

Drawing on his twenty-five years of meritorious service in the Army, Dr. Gibson has delivered presentations on a variety of subjects that are related to the United States military. The participation of veterans in the civilian workforce, the mental health and wellness of service members, military mentoring, and diversity, equity, and inclusion within the African American military community as well as the wider military community are some of the issues that fall under this category. However, this list is not exhaustive.

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