Jeff shares his art and story with the hopes of inspiring others to explore creativity as part of their mental wellness practice.

Jeff Sparr is an artist, mental health advocate, and keynote speaker who empowers others to start a creative practice, share how they feel, and find peace of mind.

Diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) in college, Jeff spent the next 20 years fighting against his mental illness while trying to live a “normal” life—launching a business, getting married, and starting a family.

At the suggestion of a friend, Jeff decided to try his hand at painting and discovered a secret that would change the course of his life. Painting subdued the symptoms of his OCD, providing a creative outlet and sense of control that was missing from his life. For Jeff, the discovery of painting was the discovery of a superpower. He has since dedicated his life to sharing this superpower with people around the globe through his painting, speaking, and workshops.

Jeff has shared his story with diverse communities including NBC Nightly News, The Discovery Channel, NPR, Hallmark, Zappos, The World Economic Forum, YMCA Global Conference, TEDx, Social Venture Network, Ohio State University, Harvard University, Brown University Department of Neuroscience, McLean Hospital, and Cannes Lions.

His art has found its way into various galleries, private collections, permanent installations, the Grammys MusiCares and served as inspiration for various retail merchandise and cause related campaigns. He continues to spread his thoughts and opinions on mental health as a senior contributor to multiple publications.

Jeff's 27 years of devotion to promoting mental health awareness and the life-changing effects of creativity have earned him worldwide recognition as a visionary in this space, with his story featured on some of the most esteemed stages and media platforms. As a highly regarded global thought leader, Jeff has dedicated his life to creating a positive impact on society and helping to break down stigmas surrounding mental health. His passion and unique perspective have inspired individuals around the world to prioritize their mental well-being while harnessing the transformative power of creativity.

Speech topics

Innovation Through Art

If you can’t say it, create it! Art can help your audience and organization free their mind allowing for greater creativity and innovation in the workplace. It allows us to access untapped portions of our talent that can be transformative, and help each of us embrace the hidden creativity within us all. Drawing from his own personal story and experience, Jeff uses his storytelling talent to inspire audiences to let go of their preconceived notions and access their hidden talents.

Art, Healing and Social Change (Symbolic Path)

We each walk a unique path in life, living out stories that may seem unlikely given where we started. By exploring the meaning of four key symbols and how they represent different circumstances along the journey, participants will examine their individual purpose in life. Then through creative expression, each person will depict the dream they are being called to follow. We will also take a look at the social change taking place with story-sharing and communities that are being formed in support of mental wellness.

My Journey: Mental Wellness Through Art (Dream Big)

PeaceLove Studios is a movement of hope and support for those impacted by mental health disorders. Jeff sheds a much needed light on a population that is both invisible and misunderstood by sharing his personal experience with his mental health, and how the power of art changed his life forever. He will inspire and empower you and your audience to dream of a better tomorrow for those affected by mental illness. Everyone has something they are dealing with. If there is a way to help people find the thing that brings them peace, Jeff wants to help them find it.

With a Blank Canvas – Anything is Possible

A Blank Canvas can be intimidating to a painter – but is also a place where anything is possible. In this talk, Jeff challenges the audience to follow their dreams by sharing his improbable and inspiring story of becoming an artist and creating PeaceLove Studio.

The Face of OCD

This presentation focuses specifically on my battle with OCD and what it’s like to fight something that is invisible and misunderstood.


PeaceLove Foundation is excited to offer expressive arts programming that makes talking about mental health easier. Through pairing different creative modalities like painting, collage, and writing, with reflective prompts around choice, transition, and perspective– PeaceLove workshops add a little joy to the mental wellness journey.

Dual Emotions

Express the complicated nature of conflicting feelings through self-portraiture

Story Shoes

Through writing, personification, and three-dimensional collage, this workshop considers the unique paths of each individual community member.

Gratitude Garden

Express thanks for the good things in life through the symbolism of a garden.

Jeff's Artwork

Here is a sampling of some of Jeff's art, L-R:

1. “Kisses for the guys”

2. “Two femmes a Paris”

3. “½ Daddy”

4. “Best Friends”

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