jeremy utley

• Co-Founder of Stanford's Masters of Creativity at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford

• Co-author of Ideaflow: The Only Business Metric That Matters

Jeremy Utley is the Co-Founder of Stanford's Masters of Creativity at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford. He was formerly the Director of Executive Education at the Stanford, where his blend of on-your-feet thinking and penetrating insight have earned him a reputation as a go-to advisor for CEO’s and start-up founders alike. The co-author of the book ideaflow (2022), and co-host of the popular Paint & Pipette Podcast, continues to work on invention, discovery and entrepreneurship and demystifies the counter-intuitive techniques that drive productive creativity. Known for his work in Lean Start-Up and Design Thinking methodologies, Jeremy shows their ability to drive product development and consumer engagement at a fraction of typical product development costs. He holds a BBA with Honors in Finance from The University of Texas at Austin (2005) and an MBA from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business (2009).

Jeremy's book Ideaflow: The Only Business Metric That Matters unpacks why and how innovation is not an event, a workshop, a sprint, or a hackathon; it’s a result of mastering ideaflow, a practice that elevates everything else you do.

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Speech topics

Ideaflow: How Leaders and Entrepreneurs Drive High-Volume Creative Output with Transformative Results

In the tradition of perennial sellers like Creativity, Inc., and Flow, Jeremy Utley of Stanford restores creativity to its position of central importance in business, offering managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs a robust and flexible set of disciplines for generating more and better ideas—and dramatically boosting the creative output of their organizations.

Zero to One: The Dangerous Myth That Keeps Individuals, Teams, and Organizations from Breakthrough Innovation

In this searching examination of the personal and interpersonal practices (rather than events) that fuel breakthrough thinking, Jeremy Utley will share insights from the book, Ideaflow: The Only Business Metric That Matters. Having taught the subject of innovation for the last 13+ years at Stanford, he has seen the topic become over-hyped, yet remain an undernourished capability. This is true not only on the personal level, but also on the team and organizational. This dynamic session will attempt to set the record straight on some foundational mindsets and practices that fuel not just repeatable innovation, but satisfaction and engagement at work and in life as well.

Leveraging the Creative Potential of Diverse Teams

Many organizations have recognized the benefits of constructing diverse teams. Fewer have robust practices for leveraging the diversity of perspectives they have gathered, let alone processes for amplifying the benefits that a diverse team can contribute to the organization. Drawing upon academic research and real-world experience, Jeremy will deliver an engaging and dynamic speech and workshop designed to help organizations amplify the innovation potential of the diverse teams he's helped assemble. Don't leave potential on the table. Turn your diverse team into a sustainable competitive advantage.

Rapid Experimentation and Product Development

Low-Resolution prototypes and rapid experimentation have been popularized by the Lean Start-Up and Design Thinking methodologies for their ability to drive product development and consumer engagement at a fraction of typical product development costs; yet there are critical psychological biases that keep teams from using these tools. In this 70-minute session, Jeremy will showcase several tools for rapid prototyping and user testing, and provide tangible experiences to convey the importance of the shift to rapid experimentation for the entire team.

Participants leave this session with a deeper understanding of, an appreciation for, and practical tools of rapid prototyping and how they can use them actively in their current work within an organization.


Ideaflow: The Only Business Metric That Matters

Stanford directors Jeremy Utley and Perry Klebahn show leaders how to dramatically boost business results by amplifying the creative output of their organizations, drawing from their popular Stanford courses.

Download an exclusive excerpt of IDEAFLOW here.

LaunchPad: A Founder's Guide to Starting a Company

From the professors behind Stanford Design School's (aka "the") famous course, the game-changing class at Stanford for innovators and entrepreneurs is now a book for everyone.


Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship instructors Jeremy Utley and Mar Hershenson shine a spotlight on spectacular female founders, illuminating their unique strengths and exposing the challenges they face along their entrepreneurial journey. These stories foreground the founders and their development as creative and enterprising leaders in business and social impact.

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