Marcus Whitney

Author | Entrepreneur who Inspiring Innovation | Founding Partner of Jumpstart Health Investors

It is clear that change is upon us. The healthcare industry will undergo transformation in the years to come, providing opportunity for industry leaders to turn headwinds into tailwinds. Marcus will address the trends that are driving meaningful change, and offer proof that now, more than ever, disruption is imminent.

Marcus Whitney is Founding Partner of Jumpstart Health Investors, the most active venture capital firm in America focused on innovative, healthcare companies with a portfolio of over 100 companies. He recently launched Jumpstart Nova, the first Black healthcare venture fund in America.

Marcus is also co-founder and minority owner of Major League Soccer team, Nashville Soccer Club.

Marcus has been listed in the Power 100 by Nashville Business Journal, and has been featured by Inc., CNBC, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and The Atlantic.

Marcus is the author of the best selling book Create and Orchestrate, about claiming your Creative Power through entrepreneurship.

Marcus is a member of the board of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corporation, Instruction Partners and Launch Tennessee.

Speech topics

Health Delivery Trends, Transformation and Disruptive Innovation

Health care delivery across the country is transforming, with a focus on the future. Even before the great health care disruptor — COVID-19 — hospitals and health systems have been innovating to meet the changing needs of their patients while harnessing the latest advances in science and medicine to provide the highest quality, most personalized care possible. In this talk, Whitney will talk through the high level trends that are driving meaningful change, and offer proof that now, more than ever, disruption is at the door of our industry.

Innovation is Undefeated

This talk is for trade organizations, incumbent corporations, educational institutions and others focused on understanding how to embrace innovation rather than be displaced by it.

The dilemma is real. It’s obvious that nothing is going to stop the breakneck pace that technology is going at, as it changes every thing we know and understand for better or worse. And still, the same human emotions are allowing organizations to hide in plain sight, ignoring this reality while new entrants eat their lunch from the bottom. It doesn’t have to be this way. In this talk, Marcus helps organizations understand the opportunities they have to treat innovation like a tailwind, and also the very cultural biases that will almost always cause them to behave like innovation is a headwind.


Create and Orchestrate: The Path to Claiming Your Creative Power from an Unlikely Entrepreneur

Marcus walks you through his unlikely journey from waiting tables to building companies. He demystifies much of what keeps people from pursuing entrepreneurship and explains why it's the only vocation that allows you to control your time by using your creativity.

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