Mariama Whyte, the dynamic singer who has captivated audiences with her soul-stirring voice now brings an empowering message to the speaking stage. Whether through Broadway or TEDx, her authenticity and powerful storytelling will inspire and motivate your audience to reach for their dreams and embrace their true potential.

Mariama Whyte

Mariama Whyte is a dynamic singer, songwriter, actor and transformational speaker. Acclaimed and recognized for her powerful stage presence and authenticity, Mariama is driven by her desire to empower, entertain, and educate her audiences. She delivers her messages in a unique way, enriching her audiences through her engaging stories and brilliant voice, inspiring them to live joyfully and confidently.

With an extensive career in theatre and music, Mariama has performed for over 3 million people across the country in the Broadway National Tours of The Lion King and The Color Purple and in several regional music and theatre productions. She has reached a wide global audience through her powerful TEDx debut, "How to Trust Your Voice and Speak with Confidence Anywhere" and her several music releases available online. Praised as having one of “the best voices in Cleveland,” her hometown, she has been awarded artist fellowships from prestigious organizations, The Cleveland Arts Prize and Karamu House, the oldest African-American theatre in the United States. She has performed with world renowned music producer David Foster, opened for acclaimed national artists Stephanie Mills and Lisa Fischer, and has been featured in various regional and national ad campaigns. A mother and author as well, Mariama offers encouragement and insight to fellow single mothers in her ebook, Single Mothers Soul : Reflections for a Joyful and Empowered Life.

With over 20 years as a successful professional performer, Mariama brings a special, entertaining quality to her keynote addresses, while still speaking to the heart of her audiences. She shares her wisdom, experience, and expertise to help her audiences overcome their challenges, reach new heights and possibilities, and become the best versions of themselves. 

Speech topics

Release Your Voice and Tell Your Story

Everyone has a voice and a story to tell. Life's challenges and obstacles may inhibit you from showing up as your best self. Mariama shares her story of overcoming her intense anxiety of speaking and expressing herself. An expansion of her TEDx Talk, “How to Trust Your Voice and Speak with Confidence Anywhere,” Mariama goes deeper into why it is important for us all to find and release our voices and tell our stories. Discover how to overcome your fear and move into faith and focus to reveal your confident and authentic voice.

Getting Unstuck and Recreating Your Life

The feeling of being stuck in life can be very difficult to navigate. It can lead to disempowering thoughts and behaviors. But with perspective and insight, it is more than possible to transform. Mariama shares her experiences of being stuck and transforming her life and her story.  Learn how to get unstuck from rehearsing disempowering beliefs and begin designing a new and successful life you love.

Remember You

With all the roles we play and the responsibilities we have in life with our jobs, businesses, relationships, it can feel so daunting that we forget ourselves and who we are. Overwhelm and anxiety are more present than joy and fulfillment. With all the different roles Mariama has played on and off stage, she shares insight for staying grounded and centered in the best role you will ever play : YOU.

Self-Love is your Birthright

Loving yourself is not vain. In fact, loving yourself is essential to your well being and your relationships. Mariama shares her experience, wisdom, and reflections for those needing a deeper, more expansive connection with themselves so they can make more empowering choices. Find out how to deepen your love and care for yourself in order to live a more joyful and fulfilled life.


But beyond her life as an artist, Mariama is a mother -- a single mother. From experiencing seasons of loneliness and depression to coming into a genuine place of inner joy, she shares how she came to this place of fulfillment in hopes that you can find that same fulfillment for yourself.

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