Marina Nitze is focused on helping organizations solve mission-critical challenges no matter your role or title.

Marina Nitze

Marina Nitze, co-author of the new books Hack Your Bureaucracy and Crisis Engineering, is currently a partner at Layer Aleph, a crisis engineering firm that specializes in restoring complex software systems to service. Marina is also a fellow at New America's New Practice Lab, where she works on improving America's foster care system through the Child Welfare Playbook & Working Group. Marina was most recently the Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs under President Obama, after serving as a Senior Advisor on technology in the Obama White House and as the first Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the U.S. Department of Education. She serves on the advisory boards of Foster America, Smartsheet, and Think of Us; created TaskTackler, the personal productivity app for Type-A personalities; and previously authored the book Business Efficiency for Dummies. She lives in Seattle, WA.

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Speech topics

Bureaucracy Hacking

Marina will discuss tactics for cutting through red tape and successfully overcoming bureaucratic obstacles, customized for your audience. Common audiences include public sector groups, community-based organizations, or government contractors. Every tactic will be illustrated with a real-world story from Marina's work in government or the private sector, based on your audience.


Marina will share specific tactics for improving personal and/or corporate productivity, based on your audience. Suggestions will be practical and often humorous, with real-world example from Marina's time in government and/or the private sector, based on your audience.

Crisis Management

Marina will share reassurance, stories, and tactics for persevering through crisis, illustrated with examples from her experience running crisis incident response in the public and private sectors, ranging from the rescue to transforming the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to a variety of high-profile crises across the public and private sectors.


Hack Your Bureaucracy: Get Things Done No Matter What Your Role on Any Team

Whether you just started your first entry-level job, run the entire company, or just feel trapped by your condo association bylaws, it's time to learn how to get big things done and make a lasting impact with Hack Your Bureaucracy.

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