Michael is the current Music Director for the Los Angeles based cover band ProjectM and creator of FrontmanTalk, an advice and coaching forum for musicians.

Michael Cartwright is a professional musician and entertainer. A trumpet player & vocalist; He is the music director for the successful Los Angeles based event band Project M. He is a master bandleader and an excellent source of coaching for those who are interested in increasing their ability to connect to an audience. After two decades professional life in the Los Angeles area, Cartwright currently resides in North Dakota where he is the co-host of “Studio 701” a lifestyle program on KXMB – CBS. He is a lover of the outdoors, a recreational triathlete, yogi, an hold a Bachelor’s degree from the Thornton School of Music at The University of Southern California.

Speech topics

Art of The Frontman

“At some time in your life YOU WILL be The Frontman!

The Frontman (Frontwoman / Frontperson) is someone…

Who represents “something” and aims to promote that “something” to an audience.

For example, an entrepreneur is the Frontman for their business.

A Pastor is the Frontman for their church

A coach is the Frontman for their team.

The Art of the Frontman is a leadership guide. In this talk, musician Michael Cartwright shows that charisma is not the magic ingredient to a Frontman’s success. Cartwright introduces the “Three Responsibilities,” which will ensure your success as a Frontman in your area of expertise.

The Three Responsibilities can be applied by anyone and “are the bones that give the structure and intelligence to your Frontman prowess,” says Cartwright.

Not only giving a solid formant on which to become a successful Frontman, Cartwright presents his topic with the swagger of a true Entertainer, giving mention to his personal heroes and closing with an inspiring tribute to the late musician & popstar, Prince.

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