Parul Somani

• Inspirational advocate for building resilience to manage stress and uncertainty

• Recognized patient leader for cancer and genomics

• MIT & Harvard alum living her most authentic life

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Parul Somani is a professional speaker and executive advisor empowering people to strengthen their mental wellbeing by building their resilience and inspiring them to create their own silver linings. By combining the learnings from her personal hardships with science-backed research and actionable insights, Parul helps others better manage stress and burnout, advocate for themselves, and live a more authentic and fulfilling life. Parul authored a blog, "New Job. New Baby. New Cancer," which has now been read in ~85 countries, has been featured in Stanford Health Care films on survivorship and mindset, and has presented and facilitated workshops for global employers, non-profits, and conferences, including the World Economic Forum, the Harvard Business School, Oracle, and the American Cancer Society. More information is at

Previously, Parul served a 15+ year career in leadership roles spanning strategy, marketing, and operations. As the Head of B2B2C Marketing at Color Genomics, Parul built and led the team responsible for the sales and customer success marketing funnel for the enterprise and clinical channels. Before Color, Parul led the vertical integration and omni-channel growth strategies for an early-stage consumer technology company that led to its acquisition by Gap Inc. As a management consultant at Bain & Company, Parul led teams advising Fortune 500 companies and private equity firms. She currently serves on the advisory board for Stanford's Health Communication Initiative and early stage startups.

Parul holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a Minor in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and an MBA from Harvard Business School. She resides in the Bay Area with her husband and two daughters, and carries a lifelong love for dancing, scrapbooking, traveling, and making memories.

Speech topics

[Mental Health] Resilience: The Secret to Your Wellbeing

Strong personal resilience is critical for managing stress, coping with uncertainties, and protecting our mental wellbeing. By combining personal stories of health and career curveballs with academic research and actionable insights, Parul will help us recognize our inner resilience and guide us on how to strengthen it. Parul will inspire us to not just bounce back from challenging times, but grow and "bounce forward" from them.

In this 1-hour talk, attendees will walk away with:

  • A better understanding of the science behind resilience

  • Actionable steps they can start today to build their personal resilience

  • Reflections to help them assess the steps they most need to prioritize

[DEI] When People Don't "Look the Part"

As a petite, young, Indian female, Parul has often not “looked the part.” Whether on Wall Street trading floors, in boardrooms, at conferences, in the chemo infusion room, or even when working in India itself, Parul has experienced biases based on her race, gender, assumed age, stage of life, and life choices. Using the powers of mindset shift and reframing, however, Parul turned these potential setbacks into personal and professional opportunities. Join us for a discussion on the (sometimes unexpected!) ways people do not “look the part”, the impact that can have on them and their work, how we can reframe setbacks into opportunities, and better view our differences as strengths.

In this engaging talk, attendees will:

  • Hear Parul’s personal experiences combined with academic research and actionable insights

  • Learn how to use mindset shifts and reframing to counter unconscious biases

  • Discuss DEI from the perspective of self-action

[DEI] Living Your Ikigai: Navigating Your Career to Pursue an Authentic Life

Our ikigai is our "reason for being," and yet, most of us do not know how to navigate our professional and personal lives to prepare for it, define it, and live it. When Parul suffered a loss and thought she’d lost her ikigai, she learned to channel her strengths into creating her own. No matter what stage you are at in your career or in your personal life, join us as Parul helps us better understand ikigai. Learn how we can channel our differences towards building our own ikigai to live our most authentic life.

In this engaging talk, attendees will:

  • Get a better understanding of the “what” and “why” of ikigai

  • Hear the inspirational story of how Parul channeled her unique experiences into creating her ikigai

  • Learn actionable insights for building towards their own ikigai

[Healthcare] My Patient Experience: Advocacy, Access, & Aspirations

The patient voice is critical for understanding and improving the state of healthcare. As a BRCA1 carrier, cancer survivor, caregiver, and former healthcare executive, Parul brings a unique voice to healthcare by representing the perspective of both patients and business leaders. With a story filled with dark clouds and beautiful silver linings, Parul reminds healthcare organizations of the importance of their work and the impact they have on patients and their families.

In this inspirational talk, attendees will:

  • Learn of a family’s incredible health story and drivers of their "luck”

  • Better understand the patient experience and areas of opportunity

  • Be re-energized to improve the state of healthcare

[Healthcare] The Power of Genomics: Dark Clouds & Silver Linings

The field of genomics has grown rapidly in recent years, but how prepared are patients and healthcare providers to manage the power of genomic information? As a BRCA1 carrier, cancer survivor, caregiver, and former genomics executive, Parul brings a unique voice to healthcare by representing the perspective of both patients and business leaders. With a story filled with dark clouds and silver linings, Parul reminds us of the power of actionable genomics and the unmet needs of patients and their families.

In this inspirational talk, attendees will:

  • Be moved by the multi-generational impact of genetic information

  • Better understand the patient experience and areas of opportunity

  • Be energized to democratize access to actionable genomic information


[Mental Health] Managing Burnout & Building Resilient Teams - Workshop

Strengthening the resilience of organizations begins with training leaders on how to build their own resilience and manage the mental wellbeing of their teams. Parul is an MIT and Harvard educated professional with 15+ years of experience advising senior executives and managing teams through uncertainty, professional challenges, and personal hardships. By sharing her learnings and guiding discussions on stress drivers and resilience builders, Parul helps teams strengthen their resilience.

In this 2-hour interactive session, attendees will:

  • Learn the science behind stress and resilience

  • Explore the drivers of burnout risk within their organization

  • Discuss actionable steps to better manage stress and build resilient teams

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