Parul Somani is an acclaimed mindset expert, inspiring keynote speaker, and an award-winning patient advocate. Trusted by Fortune 100 companies and other organizations around the world, Parul has inspired leaders at Oracle, Neiman Marcus Group, Bristol Myers Squibb, and more to thrive in life and leadership. She is reputed for her authentic storytelling, actionable insights, thought-provoking questions, and proprietary frameworks, including Path of Least Regret® and M.O.V.E.™, for navigating uncertainty, making hard decisions, and embracing change with intention. Parul has been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, The South Asian Times, and podcasts on personal and professional growth.


Parul is also an award-winning patient advocate and lived experience expert. Her experiences as a BRCA1 carrier and cancer survivor, combined with her business expertise, make Parul an inspiring and credible thought partner to patients, providers, researchers, and healthcare leaders. She has been invited to share her insights and thought leadership with premier health organizations, including the White House for President Biden's Cancer Moonshot, the World Economic Forum, MIT's Koch Institute, and the HLTH conference, for topics spanning the cancer care continuum, actionable genomics, and the power of self-advocacy. Parul wrote her blog "New Job. New Baby. New Cancer." throughout her cancer treatment, and it now has readers in ~85 countries. The American Cancer Society recognized Parul's contributions to patient leadership by naming her their 2020 "Raising Hope Honoree" and inviting her to serve on the National Breast Cancer Roundtable. Parul has been featured in Stanford Health Care and Medscape documentaries on cancer care, survivorship, and mindset.


Previously, Parul advised Fortune 500 companies and private equity firms as a Senior Manager at Bain & Company, and held leadership roles in consumer technology and genomics start-ups. She currently serves on the Leadership Council for Tipping Point, a nonprofit in the San Francisco Bay Area that finds, funds, and strengthens the most promising poverty-fighting solutions, and the Global Mentorship Board for One League, a global education institution connecting the world's highest potential change-makers to world-class education and opportunities to realize global impact. Parul holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a minor in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Parul resides in the Bay Area with her husband and two daughters, and carries a lifelong love for Indian dancing, which she performed for over thirty-five years.


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The M.O.V.E.™ Framework: Your Power to Embrace Change and Thrive with Intention

As individuals, teams, or organizations, our only constant is change. We are continually navigating successes and setbacks and an evolving sense of identity, so how we respond to change is critical to our mental wellbeing and performance. In this powerful talk, Life Leadership expert Parul Somani inspires you with her proven M.O.V.E.™ framework, a step-by-step guide to embracing change and making the hard decisions with intentional actions. An MIT and Harvard Business School alumnae with over twenty years of leadership experience, Parul has helped people, teams, and organizations around the world get unstuck and achieve the change they need for greater fulfillment. Through curated research, compelling case studies (including her own inspiring story), and engaging self-reflective prompts, Somani will empower you to thrive in life, health, and career.

PATH OF LEAST REGRET®: Navigating Hard Decisions with Intention

In this fast-paced and ever-changing world, do you ever feel like life is a series of hard decisions? We are forced to make decisions for situations for which we have never had a roadmap, and the uncertainty and difficulty of it all can be paralyzing. In this powerful talk, Life Leadership expert Parul Somani introduces you to Path of Least Regret®, her powerful decision-making paradigm that has guided leaders around the world in life, health, and career. Through curated research, compelling case studies (including her own inspiring story), and engaging self-reflective prompts, Parul will empower you to transform your approach to decision-making in life and leadership and propel you towards a more fulfilling future.

LIVING WITH INTENTION: What Lived Experiences Taught Me About Self-Advocacy and Bouncing Forward

Parul Somani is an award-winning patient advocate and lived experience expert reputed for her ability to present her patient, survivor, and caregiver insights in an inspiring and action-oriented way. She is a thought partner to healthcare leaders and has spoken at the White House for President Biden's Cancer Moonshot and for the World Economic Forum, American Cancer Society, MIT Koch Institute, Stanford Health Care, HLTH conference, and other leading healthcare organizations. In this powerful talk, Parul will not only share her patient and caregiver journey with us, but will also inspire us with the actionable insights, powerful frameworks, and thought-provoking questions she derived from her lived experiences and empower us to better navigate uncertainty and embrace change in all areas of our lives. 

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