Parul Somani

• MIT & Harvard educated business leader championing resilience, advocacy, and mental wellbeing

• Named "Raising Hope Honoree" by the American Cancer Society

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Parul Somani is an inspirational speaker and writer championing resilience, intention, and mental wellbeing. Building off her experiences as a business leader and people manager, Parul works with organizations to engage, educate, and empower their members to better navigate personal and professional uncertainty and challenges. She has worked with large and small businesses, universities, and non-profits on motivational events and resilience training. As a cancer survivor and caregiver, Parul also advocates for patient empowerment, the power of genomics, and healthcare transparency and access. She authored a blog, "New Job. New Baby. New Cancer.", which has now been read in ~85 countries, and has been featured in films on survivorship and mindset. Parul has presented for internationally recognized organizations, including the World Economic Forum, Stanford Health Care, and the HLTH Conference, and was named the 2020 "Raising Hope Honoree" by the American Cancer Society.

Previously, Parul served a 15+ year career in leadership roles spanning strategy, marketing, and operations. As the Head of B2B2C Marketing at Color Genomics, Parul built and led the team responsible for the sales and customer success marketing funnel for the enterprise and clinical channels. Before Color, Parul led the vertical integration and omni-channel growth strategies for an early-stage consumer technology company that led to its acquisition by Gap Inc. As a management consultant at Bain & Company, Parul led teams advising Fortune 500 companies and private equity firms. She currently serves on the advisory board for Stanford's Health Communication Initiative and early stage start-ups.

Parul holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a Minor in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and an MBA from Harvard Business School. She resides in the Bay Area with her husband and two daughters, and carries a lifelong love for dancing, scrapbooking, travel, and making memories.

Speech topics

Keynote: 5 Steps to Building Personal Resilience

Strong personal resilience is critical for coping with uncertainties, overcoming hardships, and protecting our mental health. By combining personal stories of health and career curveballs with academic research and actionable insights, Parul will help you learn how to better face challenging times and emerge from them wiser and stronger.

In this inspirational keynote, attendees will learn:

  • Learn the science behind the stages of emotional change and resilience

  • Walk away with actionable steps for self-reflection and building resilience

  • Be motivated by anecdotes, studies, and frameworks that bring these steps to life

Workshop: Resilience Training – You + Team + Org

Strengthening the resilience of organizations begins with training leaders on how to build their own resilience and manage the mental wellbeing of their teams. Parul is an MIT and Harvard educated professional with 15+ years of experience advising senior executives and managing teams through uncertainty, professional challenges, and personal hardships. By sharing her learnings and guiding discussions, Parul will empower leaders to strengthen themselves, their teams, and their organization.

In this 2-hour interactive workshop, attendees will:

  • Learn the science behind building resilience

  • Evaluate their own resilience and identify opportunity areas

  • Discuss how to build resilient teams within their org

  • Be inspired and empowered with actionable next steps

Workshop: The Power of Mindset and Changing Your Story

Our reality is shaped by the mindset we choose to have. When Parul was diagnosed with cancer the same week her daughter was born, her mindset helped turn moments of despair into opportunities for silver linings. In this interactive workshop, Parul will share how she chose to change her story and help you apply those learnings to your own hardships.

In this 1-hour interactive session, attendees will

  • Learn about the benefits of growth mindset and redefine how they view personal and professional challenges

  • Reflect on a challenge they are currently experiencing and what it would mean to them to "change the story"

  • Develop an action plan to own their narrative

Keynote: My Patient Experience – Dark Clouds & Silver Linings

The patient voice is critical for understanding and improving the state of healthcare. As a BRCA1 carrier, cancer survivor, caregiver, and former healthcare executive, Parul brings a unique voice to healthcare by representing the perspective of both patients and business leaders. With a story filled with dark clouds and beautiful silver linings, Parul reminds healthcare organizations of the importance of their work and the impact they have on patients and their families.

In this inspirational keynote, attendees will:

  • Learn of a family’s incredible health story and drivers of their "luck"

  • Be moved by the life-saving importance of advocacy and access

  • Be re-energized about their role in improving the state of healthcare

Keynote: The Power of Genomics: How Prepared Are We?

The field of consumer genomics has grown rapidly in recent years, but how prepared are patients and healthcare providers to manage the power of genomic information? As a BRCA1 carrier, cancer survivor, caregiver, and former genomics executive, Parul brings a unique voice to healthcare by representing the perspective of both patients and business leaders. With a story filled with dark clouds and beautiful silver linings, Parul reminds healthcare organizations of the power of actionable genomics and patient advocacy, but also what her experiences reveal about the state of healthcare.

In this inspirational keynote, attendees will:

  • Be moved by the multi-generational impact of genetic information

  • Better understand the patient experience and opportunity areas

  • Be energized to democratize access to actionable genomic information

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