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Unleash your potential through the power of the inspiring story of SaulPaul, empowering the world, one word and one song at a time.

SaulPaul is a GRAMMY Nominated Musician with a Message. He has also presented three TEDx Talks, performed at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and been featured on America’s Got Talent. Exclusively represented by BrightSight Speakers bureau, SaulPaul's life story of transitioning from tragedy to triumph has been told on screen via the documentary Tower to Tower as well as via his memoir Be The Change. Most recently, SaulPaul founded Change Water, a eco-friendly bottled water company that donates 50% of the profits to the local community with each case of water is sold. Whether via art, entrepreneurship or community service, SaulPaul is committed to #BeTheChange.

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Saul Paul's life looks a lot different than the humble beginnings shown in the film based on his life. Imagine being born into poverty...without a mother or father. Picture growing up in the ghetto...surrounded by drugs and murder. Visualize being incarcerated in prison but then...See yourself going against all odds and graduating from one of the nation's top universities. This was Saul Paul's life. From juvenile incarceration to college graduation to international sensation, Saul Paul transformed his dreams into reality. In this keynote experience based on Saul Paul's book Dream in 3D, Saul Paul shares his inspiring story and an insightful message about overcoming adversity and grasping greatness.

PERSPECTIVE: What You See Is What You Get

Is your glass half empty or half full? However you see it is how it is because...What You See Is What You Get. Saul Paul learned this through experience and his life changed when he changed his perspective. SaulPaul's change in perspective is what empowered him to transition from tragedy to triumph. In this keynote experience, Saul Paul shares his inspiring story and a clever, comedic and thoughtful message about perspective.

Innovative Corporate Social Responsibility

Saul Paul is an influential voice in corporate social responsibility and an expert in youth empowerment. Saul Paul is a thought leader who has shared his ideas at two TEDx Talks and has worked with the United Nations Foundation on multiple campaigns. He is the founder of ReRoute Outreach, a nonprofit organization that has impacted hundreds of thousands of underprivileged youth across the world. After years of being brought in as a speaker for companies like the NBA, NFL, Google, Spotify and Johnson & Johnson, Saul Paul saw ways he could make CSR outreach better so he became a consultant. Years later, numerous cities have been impacted and thousands of hours of community service have been logged. In this keynote experience Saul Paul not only shares his inspiring story but delivers innovative ideas and practical tips that help create personal and organizational growth.

The Art and Power of Storytelling

Stories are one of the most powerful emotional currencies we humans possess. They have been a fundamental and influential part of the human experience since we developed language. Saul Paul is a trained storyteller. He shares his stories as a musician, author, speaker and filmmaker. In addition to being a storyteller, Saul Paul has a story to tell. He transitioned from prison incarceration to college graduation to international sensation. This multimedia keynote combines strategic storytelling, inspirational speaking, music, and the power of theater and comedy as Saul Paul shares his personal story of tragedy to triumph while simultaneously empowering the audience with storytelling techniques that can equip them to tap into the art and power of storytelling.

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Be The Change: A Story of Transformation

SaulPaul shares his story of transformation and overcoming insurmountable odds. He walks us through the trials of losing loved ones at an early age while learning to be a leader. His story will inspire you to want more, do more and be more!

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