Ignite your event with Scott Omelianuk, an accomplished speaker and visionary leader with a wealth of experience. As the Editor-in-Chief of Inc., Scott brings a deep understanding of entrepreneurship, innovation, and business transformation to his talks. 

Scott Omelianuk, current Editor in Chief of Inc. Business Media, has built a reputation for defining the culture and illuminating it for the advantage of clients and the benefit of consumers. Honored with the Ad Age Idea of the Year award and a Media Vanguard Award, Scott is known as a marketing and branding expert and champion of entrepreneurial thinking within enterprise. 


His diverse prior experience includes being a columnist at the late lamented Details magazine, developing the illusion of reality as part of the creation team of the Real Housewives franchise, pioneering content supported e-commerce at Polo/Ralph Lauren, and the Maker Movement as the managing director of the iconic This Old House.

He is a professor of marketing and innovation and an entrepreneur-in-residence at a U.S. News & World Report “Top 25 Innovation School,” the Stevens Institute of Technology. Scott has repositioned Inc., the preeminent voice of entrepreneurship to reflect the needs of today’s founder, with inspiration, instruction, and community.

An author, investor, founder, and patent holder, Scott has been profiled and featured for The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Ad Age AdWeek, CNN, the BBC, NHK, NPR, CNBC, MSNBC and many more alike. 

Speech topics

Brand Purpose and Building and Unbeatable Culture and Company

Do you know your Brand Purpose? It’s not the pseudoscience of your “why,” nor is it CSR or ESG or conscious capitalism. Yet knowing it can change the trajectory of your company. Inc. Business Media Editor in Chief discovered this while running the storied This Old House TV brand. He realized that it wasn’t remodeling or hammers and nails that allowed the brand to birth HGTV and keep the show on-air for more than 45 years through three generations of viewers. It was something far more emotional, far more powerful. Harnessed, Brand Purpose helps you matter to people. And internally, at a time when people are questioning the value of work, teams that uncover it and use it to their advantage will thrive with a new dedication. Brand Purpose when properly understood is internal, like a sense of direction, not external like someone else’s map. It applies to company of all sizes and in all industries, and understanding it allows you to continually refocus your core capabilities as the market and tastes and ways of doing business change, and to be—always—the company people want to do business with. 

INTRAPRENEURSHIP: Disrupting the disruptors with the stealth weapons inside your enterprise

How long will your company last? For the Fortune 500, it used to be 60 years. Today it is just 13. The pace of change is faster than it’s ever been—and it will never be slower. Scott Omelianuk, Editor in Chief of Inc. Business Media, saw that first hand while previously working at Time Inc and Time Warner—once the world’s largest publishing and entertainment corporations, each now extinct. The executives there didn’t understand what he has learned from the founders building the world’s fastest growing companies: that intrapreneurship is the key to survival. Revenue streams and consumer behaviors shift. Competition arrives overnight. And technology constantly reinvents everything. And all that is why smart leadership teams need to follow his battle-tested advice—on embracing intrapreneurship, harnessing its risk and disrupting the disruptors—to last, not just for 13 years but for decades.

The Super Power in Discovering Your Personal Purpose

“What an interesting career,” a CEO said to Editor in Chief of Inc. Business Media Scott Omelianuk. Scott had previously been a journalist, television host and producer, ecommerce strategist, consultant, professor, board advisor, EIR and co-founder of a wellness startup, and to him, his career was less interesting and more a ball pinging between the bumpers of an arcade game. But in studying that chaos, a pattern began to materialize, a through-line connecting each job Scott had, and which made him realize that—like the many successful companies he’d studied—people have a purpose, too. A personal purpose. And by understanding it, one can plan a fulfilling life, one in which decisions—about career, money, family—come if not easy at least clearly. Scott did it while watching Paul McCartney on Carpool Karaoke, realizing that while Sir Paul might be one of the greatest musical artists ever, his personal purpose—the thing that keeps him going past age 80—is something else entirely, and accessible to everyone.

Magic mushrooms, mental health and the new era of leadership

Feeling stuck in his treatment for PTSD and wanting to be a better father, husband and boss, he studied the research and sought out firsthand the confessions of our most innovative business titans. And so, magic mushrooms and all, Inc. Business Media Editor in Chief Scott Omelianuk plunged into the world of psychedelic therapy. The result? Amazing trips, yes, but more importantly, a profound impact that in days achieved what years of psychotherapy and traditional medication couldn’t. Openly sharing his own experience and those of cutting-edge entrepreneurs, Scott demystifies and legitimizes the world of psychedelics, advocating for legalization and a new approach to our mental health crisis, all the while sharing how plant medicine can enhance creativity, ease anxiety and depression and even create better leaders while fostering the human connection we all long for.

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