• Senior Managing Director at Teneo

• Former Director of external affairs for Google and former Editor at Fortune

Author of The End of Suburbs & The Airbnb Story

• Professional Monster Jam driver

• Staff writer & financial columnist at The New Yorker

• Author of the NY Times Bestseller Black Edge

• Founder of the Moving Up Media Lab & Host of the PBS podcast, Attribution

• Author of the best-seller, Three Little Engines

• Expert on social mobility and the American Dream

• Journalist & leading political commentator on elections & politics

• Inspirational mindset expert trusted by Fortune 100 companies

• Creator of Path of Least Regret®, the M.O.V.E. Framework™, and other tools for living and leading with intention

• Award-winning patient advocate and cancer survivor

• Senior National Correspondent for NPR News giving a veteran's take on today's news 

• Director of the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy at the Brookings Institute 

• Contributing correspondent to The Wall Street Journal