Dan Lyons

• Humorist, writer for HBO’s hit series Silicon Valley

• Creator of the Fake Steve Jobs blog

• Author of 'Disrupted' & 'Lab Rats'

Dan Lyons is a humorist, journalist, and screenwriter. He has been called “the Mark Twain of Silicon Valley,” and “a Jonathan Swift of our own digital age.” He’s a sharp-eyed, cynical humorist in the spirit of Dave Barry, P.J. O’Rourke, Jon Stewart, and Bill Maher. But instead of politics, Dan aims his laser-sharp wit at the world of business, and especially Silicon Valley. Over the past decade Dan has done more than 100 keynotes and corporate events, entertaining audiences with his irreverent, laugh-out-loud takes on tech and the modern workplace. Dan’s combination of smart and funny have made him “the expert on the culture of work, and how it’s changing business and lives,” says Dave Ramsay, who runs the legendary “Ramsay Talks” series in Toronto.

Dan’s career as a satirist began when he created the Fake Steve Jobs blog, a smart-funny website where he spoofed the persona of Apple’s legendary founder and established his reputation as a gifted humorist and savvy critic of how technology shapes our culture. He wrote for HBO’s hit series Silicon Valley, and published Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Startup Bubble, a rollicking New York Times best-selling memoir about his time working inside a cult-like tech startup run by Millennials. He published Lab Rats: How Silicon Valley Made Work Miserable for the Rest of Us in 2018. Dan has written for the New York Times, Fortune, Forbes, Newsweek, and many others. He’s quick on his feet, loves doing Q&A, and will have your audience in stitches with his rapid-fire delivery and self-deprecating wit. He aims to entertain but also to inform, leaving your audience with new ideas and a fresh perspective

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Speech topics

How to tell a story

A brand is a story. An IPO is a story. A career is a story. What is your story and how will you tell it? All great stories contain the same elements and structure, and anyone can become a master storyteller—once you have cracked the code and learned the hidden formula that drives Greek myths, Harry Potter novels, Star Wars movies, Wall Street Journal articles, and even Rolex advertisements. How can you persuade journalists to write about your company? How can the storytelling formula transform every part of your business—sales, marketing, customer support, internal communications? Dan Lyons is a multi-format storyteller: an international bestselling author, Hollywood comedy screenwriter who wrote for HBO’s hit show Silicon Valley, and creator of the legendary Fake Steve Jobs blog, which earned him accolades as “the Mark Twain of Silicon Valley,” and “the Jonathan Swift of our digital age.” Dan also has been a journalist, a marketer, a media consultant, and even a creative writing lecturer at the University of Michigan—and he draws upon all those experiences to deliver a master class in corporate storytelling.

5G and AI: Promise and Peril

What is machine learning, how does it work, and how will it change our lives? Is the combination of machine learning and 5G mobile telephony a danger or a blessing? Will these new technologies lead to dangerous geopolitical upheaval, or to marvelous new apps that make our lives immeasurably better? The answer is both. Tech journalist and research consultant Dan Lyons explains how these technologies are being used, why they will have more impact than the Internet itself, and why you should care.

The Best Plan May Be To Have No Plan At All

Dan Lyons was a successful journalist at the peak of his career, the technology editor at one of the world’s biggest magazines (Newsweek). But one day, without warning, the whole thing ended. At age 52, he was forced to start over. Over the next six years Dan transformed himself from a suit-and-tie business journalist to an award-winning Hollywood screenwriter on HBO's Silicon Valley, a New York Times best-selling author, and a sharp-witted satirist whose work has been compared to Cervantes, Jonathan Swift, and Tom Wolfe. In the end, losing his job was the best thing that ever happened to him - but it sure didn’t feel that way at the time.

This is a hilarious presentation - at times you laugh out loud, but also might bring a tear to some eyes (sorry).

The Purpose of Companies – and the Future of Work

In the tumultuous decade that lies ahead the biggest competitive edge will come not from AI, robotics, and automation, but from human beings. To survive, and succeed, companies must attract, retain, and engage the best humans. New York Times best-selling author and veteran Silicon Valley watcher Dan Lyons spent two years extracting best practices from organizations inside and outside the tech industry. In his latest book, Lab Rats, Lyons investigated the causes of rising worker unhappiness and found the problem isn't the Internet -- it's "shareholder capitalism," the destructive notion that companies exist solely to deliver the biggest possible return to investors. Unfortunately that often means doing things that hurt employees. But there's hope on the horizon. Recently, two-hundred big-company CEOs issued a statement declaring that delivering shareholder value would no longer be their top priority. In this smart, funny talk, which draws on research, interviews, and two years spent as a "lab rat" employee in a software startup, Lyons explains what great culture looks like, and how to build one.

Blockbusters and Breakthroughs: How Hollywood and Silicon Valley turn “happy accidents” into successful products

Dan Lyons has been called “the Mark Twain of Silicon Valley” for his comical insights into the tech industry’s quirks, foibles and amazing creative energy. An ace humorist and storyteller, Dan became famous for creating a blog where he pretended to be Steve Jobs, then worked as a writer and co-producer for HBO’s award-winning comedy Silicon Valley, and after that penned a best-selling memoir about startup insanity. He talks about the creative process, the art of storytelling, how Hollywood and Silicon Valley turn “happy accidents” into breakthroughs, and “why weirdness and wonder are two sides of the same coin.” You’ll laugh a lot — and learn a lot.


Lab Rats: How Silicon Valley Made Work Miserable for the Rest of Us

Dan Lyons exposes how the "new oligarchs" of Silicon Valley have turned technology into a tool for oppressing workers in this "passionate" (Kirkus) and "darkly funny" (Publishers Weekly) examination of workplace culture.

Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble

An instant New York Times bestseller, Dan Lyons' "hysterical" (Recode) memoir, hailed by the Los Angeles Times as "the best book about Silicon Valley," takes readers inside the maddening world of fad-chasing venture capitalists, sales bros, social climbers, and sociopaths at today's tech startups.

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