David is the world’s leading expert on digital transformation, with over 20 years’ experience helping global brands to thrive in the digital age. His insights and practical approach have helped senior leaders around the world lead their companies to success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


David Rogers is the world’s leading expert on digital transformation, a member of the faculty at Columbia Business School, and the author of five books.

In his newest book, The Digital Transformation Roadmap (2023), Rogers tackles the barriers behind the 70% of businesses that fail in their own digital efforts. He shows why every business must transform not just its products―it must transform the organization itself. Rogers offers a five-step roadmap to rebuild any organization for continuous digital change.

His previous landmark bestseller, The Digital Transformation Playbook (2016), was the first book on digital transformation and put the topic on the map. Now published in thirteen languages, it defined the discipline by arguing that digital transformation (DX) is not about technology; it is about strategy, leadership, and new ways of thinking.

Rogers has helped companies around the world transform their business for the digital age, working with senior leaders at corporations including Google, Microsoft, Citigroup, Visa, HSBC, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Merck, GE, Toyota, Cartier, Pernod Ricard, China Eastern Airlines, NC Bank Saudi, and Acuity Insurance, among others.

Rogers regularly delivers keynotes at conferences on all six continents and has appeared on CNN, ABC News, CNBC, Channel News Asia, and in The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Economist.

At Columbia Business School, Rogers is faculty director of executive education programs on digital business strategy and on leading digital transformation. He has taught over twenty-five thousand executives through his programs in New York City, in Silicon Valley, and online. His recent research has focused on new business models, innovating through experimentation, governance for growth, and barriers to change in digital transformation.

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Speech topics

Transforming Business for the Age of A.I.

Every business today faces the same challenge: How do we transform to compete in an era of artificial intelligence? David Rogers, bestselling author and the world’s leading expert on digital transformation, explain what A.I. is, what it is not, and what it means for every business. With real-world case studies, he dispels the many myths of A.I., explains its true importance, and shows how it is already transforming business in every industry. Most importantly, he provides a practical framework to accelerate change in your own organization—to unlock growth in the age of A.I.

The Digital Transformation Roadmap: 5 Steps to True Organizational Change

With his global bestseller, “The Digital Transformation Playbook,” David Rogers gave business leaders the tools to rethink their strategy and reinvent their business for growth in the digital era. In his forthcoming book (Dec 2022), the world’s leading expert on digital transformation returns to answer a new question: Why are so many digital transformation efforts failing? In this must-see talk, Rogers focuses on the role of organizational change in DX. He tackles critical questions of leadership, culture, resource allocation, innovation, and capabilities. Rogers identifies the root causes of failure seen in 70% of DX efforts. And he offers a five-part framework to rebuild any organization for a future of continuous transformation.

Adapt Your Value Proposition: Focus on the customer and find your path to digital growth

In the digital era, the greatest trap for any established business is to define its future in terms of the products it sold yesterday. Instead of “digitizing” their old products and services, businesses need to design their new offerings around customers’ rapidly changing needs. Using examples from Disney to John Deere and Nike to Mastercard, Rogers shows how any business can chart a path to growth by learning to embrace digital change and focus on the customer before all else.


The Digital Transformation Playbook: Rethink Your Business for the Digital Age

Rethink your business for the digital age.

The Digital Transformation Roadmap: Rebuild Your Organization for Continuous Change

How can businesses break through to drive real change?

The Network Is Your Customer: Five Strategies to Thrive in a Digital Age

Marketing expert David Rogers examines how digital technologies—from smartphones to social networks—connect us in frameworks that transform our relationships to business and each other.


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