Veronica Rueckert is an author, former public radio host, and Peabody Award-winning communications expert. At Veronica Rueckert Coaching, she delivers keynotes, conducts workshops and works with clients to help them discover the full power of their voices and bring joy to the act of speaking. She was a founding host of Wisconsin Public Radio's statewide news magazine Central Time, senior producer and contributor on Public Radio International's To the Best of Our Knowledge, and host of the arts and culture program The Veronica Rueckert Show.

She is the author of the book Outspoken: Why Women’s Voices Get Silenced and How to Set Them Free (2019). 

Speech topics

Unleash the Power of Your Voice

What if you had a Ferrari in your garage, but you never did more than drive it around the block every day? For most of us, this is precisely the way we treat one of our most precious assets – the voice. Even worse, most people say they can’t stand the sound of their own voices. But by learning a handful of basic tools and techniques, we can learn to love the way we sound and bring joy to the act of speaking. In this talk, you’ll learn how to unleash the passion and persuasive power of the voice and how to finally understand what your own voice is capable of. 

Table Talk

Did you know decision-making groups need to be comprised of 80 percent women before women will talk as much as men? Or that crossing your arms and legs can actually make it hard for you to speak at all? In this talk, learn how men and women are different when it comes to communication, and find out how to flip the script so that everyone gets a voice at the table. From the mechanics of interrupting to how to stop an idea-poacher in their tracks, let a long-time radio host teach you skills to shine at meetings, along with the breathing techniques that can fight the fear of public speaking and give you strong voice you always knew you had. 

Take Off the Mask

No matter who you are, you've probably had to put on a mask to get there. A mask to help you appear less passionate and more like everyone else. When it comes to public speaking, being one of the herd isn't an asset, it's a liability. And what's more, it's much less fun. In this talk, find out why it's finally time to take off the mask and why authenticity is the secret ingredient to becoming a great – and joyful – public speaker. Stuck in bland-land? You'll get techniques for tapping into your unique identity as a speaker and understand why it’s never been more important to sound like you when you talk. 


Outspoken: Why Women's Voices Get Silenced and How to Set Them Free 

Are you done with the mansplaining? Have you been interrupted one too many times? Don’t stop talking. Take your voice back. 

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