By Women, For Women

• Founder and CEO of Modern Mommy Doc

• Pediatrician & Expert on work/life balance

• Senior Managing Director at Teneo

• Former Director of external affairs for Google and former Editor at Fortune

Author of The End of Suburbs & The Airbnb Story

• Founder & CEO of Girls in Tech

• Author of Tech Boss Lady

• Founder of The Brown Girls Guide to Politics

• President of Emerge 

• Award-winning sex educator & healthy relationships advocate for the #MeToo & #TimesUp era

• Former Editor-in-Chief of Parade magazine

• Bestselling author of The Gratitude Diaries & The Genius of Women

• Staff writer & financial columnist at The New Yorker

• Author of the NY Times Bestseller Black Edge

• Acclaimed historian of India & author of Empress

• One of the greatest soccer players of all-time

• 2x World Cup Champion & 2x Olympic Gold Medal Winner

• Journalist & co-founder of Memory Well

• Author of Broad Influence: How Women Are Changing the Way America Works

Bipolar-Autistic law professor & award-winning author of A Light in the Tower: A New Reckoning with Mental Health in Higher Education (and many other books)

• Expert in managing mental health and neurodiversity in higher education and the workplace

• Inspirational speaker on living with bipolar disorder and autism and overcoming adversity.

• Peabody Award-winning communications expert and former public radio host 

• Author of Outspoken

• Worldwide leading expert on veganism and coveted speaker on body positivity and social justice issues

• Author of the memoir Always Too Much and Never Enough and The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan

• Co-founder of SoulCycle & Flywheel

• Author of the memoir Riding High