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Huggy is a Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and the other of several acclaimed and bestselling books, including the forthcoming The Friction Project  LEARN MORE »

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Author and the Editor in Chief of Foreign Policy 


Leadership, influence and motivation expert, who is ranked among the top management thinkers globally.


#1 Bestselling Author: Swith, Made to Stick & most recently Making Numbers Count



Alton Fitzgerald White is Broadway's longest-running 'Lion King' –sharing his secret to fulfillment & joy in everyday work & life   LEARN MORE »


Richard Reeves brings a fresh perspective to the urgent issues of gender, masculinity & class in today's society. With deep insights & thought-provoking analysis, Reeves inspires audiences to challenge their assumptions & engage in meaningful dialogue about creating a more equitable & inclusive world.


Books people are talking about . . .

Fragile Neighbor-hoods

by Seth Kaplan

An “essential and engaging ” exploration of social decline in America: its true causes and the practical steps each of us can take to combat it.

The Digital Trans-formation Roadmap

by David Rogers

David L. Rogers argues that businesses must transform not just products and business models―they must transform the organization itself.

A Brief History of Intelligence

by Max Bennett

AI entrepreneur Max Bennett chronicles the five “breakthroughs” in the evolution of human intelligence and reveals what brains of the past can tell us about the AI of tomorrow.

Geared for Life

by Bryce Kenny

Through personal stories, lessons, and proven results, Kenny provides you with the inspiration you need to change your mindset and turn your life around.


by Maggie Jackson

A revolutionary guide to flourishing in times of flux and angst by harnessing the overlooked power of our uncertainty.

Blood in the Machine

by Brian Merchant

Brian Merchant intertwines a lucid examination of our current age with the story of the Luddites, showing how automation changed our world—and is shaping our future.